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“2013 YEAR OF THE ITALIAN CULTURE” By invitation of the Italian General Consulate in Miami, Florida (U.S.A.) March 8 – May 10 2013 “Coral Gables Museum Celebrating Italy.”


City of Coral Gables (Florida): Art Basel Miami 2012.
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MiamiCoral Gables Florida, USA Personal exhibition titled “Il Tempo senza Tempo” at The Village of Merrick Park.
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On Thursday April 5th 2012, the Village of Merrick Park and Galleria Ca’ d’Oro will unveil “Time Without Time” a solo exhibition of the sculpture of Italian artist Enzo Carnebianca. This exhibition inaugurates a partnership between Merrick Park and Ca’ d’Oro for an on-going presentation of public artwork to be enjoyed in the beautiful center garden area.
Coral Gables Mayor Jim Cason and Italian Consul General Adolfo Barattolo will be present bringing into focus the vibrant “south side” of Coral Gables. Kerem Kayser, General Manager of Merrick Park, and Gloria Porcella, owner of Galleria Ca’ d’Oro, will welcome the artist, Enzo Carnebianca, who is here from Rome for the occasion.
Galleria Ca’ d’Oro is an art gallery based in Rome whose Miami Branch is just across Ponce from Merrick Park. Galleria Ca’ d’Oro opened in December 2010 in Miami with the unforgettable Pink Snails. The proximity of the Italian Consulate in the Collection Building on Ponce, and Merrick Park form an alternative area in Coral Gables rich with possibilities for visitors and residents alike.
“We are delighted to be working with Kerem Kayser and our Italian Consul General Barattolo. We all work close to each other and have seen such amazing changes in the area. I chose this area to open the Miami branch of the gallery because of the Italian consulate and Merrick Park, a beautiful place where people will love to come when they visit. We all believe that adding art for the public to enjoy will bring people together. Enzo Carnebianca has his work in the Vatican in Rome and now you can visit Merrick Park and see it right here in Coral Gables!” said Gloria Porcella.

About the artist:
Italian artist Enzo Carnebianca lives and works in Rome. His style has been identified as an intriguing surrealism, his half-divine beings recall both past times and future ones, expressing a knowledge of western cultures reminiscent of folk memories of lost civilizations. He has authored some unforgettable works that can be found in prestigious public and private collections around the world, including the Vatican, which features 4 of his works in their “eternal” collection along with Italian masters Michelangelo, Raffaello, Donatello, Canova.


International exhibition of Sculptures in Rome from 24th May 2011

International exhibition in open space, organized by cultural institute with Gloria Porcella and Lamberto Petracca, sponsored by the European Community, the City of Rome and the Lazio region.

Casina Valadier and in the park of villa Torlonia in Rome
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Spirale - una delle opere in esposizione Invito alla conferenza stampa

Primaverile Romana 2011 from 16th of May 2011

Artwork by Maestro Carnebianca and other 49 artists will be exhibited at Museum Venanzo Crocetti at Via Cassia, 492 – 00189 Rome.
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Rome: exhibition at Sala C.A.S.C. of Bank of Italy – Introduction by Claudio Strinati.
Locandina della mostra


Pescara: exhibition at birthplace home of Gabriele D’Annunzio, introduction by Mario Lunetta.


RomeGalleria Ca’ d’Oro – Script and introduction by Dario Bellezza.

Celano(AQ): National Museum of Marsica – exhibition titled “Oltre Cio’ che si Vede” – editor Giorgio di Genova.

RomeQuercia del Tasso, in attendance Ferruccio Ulivi and Carlo Savini.

L’AquilaNational Museum of Abruzzo – Catalog prepared by Domenico Guzzi, with poetical contribution by Dario Bellezza, Vito Riviello, Mario Lunetta, Elisabetta Granzotto, Antonio Lo Iacono.

“Il Tempo senza Tempo” – coreografia – Parte Prima

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“Il Tempo senza Tempo” – coreografia – Parte Seconda

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Rome: Exhibition at the headquarter of Sala C.A.S.C. of Bank of Italy.


La Valletta (Malta): Retrospective exhibition at National Museum of Archeology, editor Cesare Vivaldi with the contribution of Prime Minister Ugo Misfud Bonnici.
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Rome: Exhibition at the Italian National Olympic Committee CONI, manifest presentation “Waiting for Seul.”

L’Aquila: exhibition at National Museum of Abruzzo, editor Cesare Vivaldi.
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Rome: Exhibition at Gallery Tartaruga, editor Domenico Guzzi.
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Bari: Exhibition at the Art Expo ’85 by the C.L.A.K. Gallery.

Rome: Exhibition at Studio C.

Rome: Exhibition at the “International Center of Today’s Artists.”


Magliano dei Marsi (AQ): Exhibition at the “Serpentone.”

Rome: exhibition at Gallery Studio d’Arte Quirinale, Vicolo del Puttarello.

Rome : at theater CAPRANICA on the occasion of Fantafestival (show by Cinema di Fantascienza edited by Adriano Pintaldi) with the work titled “Gli Alieni.”
Allestimento della sala con le opere dell’Artista


Caracas (Venezuela): Exhibition at Maison Bernard Gallery.

Caracas (Venezuela): Exhibition at Gipsy Club.


Caracas (Venezuela): Istituto Venezuelano Italiano de Cultura.


Terracina (LT): Exhibition at the Town Hall.

Caracas (Venezuela): Exhibition at Gallery Aldo Vannetti.

Rome: Exhibition at Studio C.


Frascati (RM): Exhibition at the “Altair” Gallery.


Latina: Citizen Circle exhibition titled “Journey in Time” script by Mario Carloya.


Milan: Exhibition at Il Giorno Gallery.

Arezzo: Exhibition at “Portici”


Terracina (LT): “Lido di Ulisse”